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ErgoPosture® System, Your Sleeping Solution

At Ernest Hemingway Mattress, what we value the most is the wellbeing of our customers.

We accompany you through a guided and relaxing experience to secure your best sleeping solution.

That is why we have designed a brand new ErgoPosture® Countered-Coil Sleep System. Posture aid, spinal alignment, pressure relief and sensible support are at the 4 benefits at the core of ErgoPosture® Countered-Coil Sleep System.


The human physiological posture is affected fundamentally in three regions: neck, lumbar and pelvic. ErgoPosture® Sleep System is designed to systematically enhance your sleep by ensuring and providing you with neck rest, lumbar protection and pelvic area stabilisation.


Each and every coil is made of different density and resilience. This is to securely guarantee an optimal spinal alignment effect on your body anytime, in any of your sleeping positions.


Our body is often restless, even when we are asleep. This may cause the sore muscle to ache beside experiencing constant discomfort. The ErgoPosture® Sleep System is regulated in order to relieve your body from the tension accumulated in your body pressure points.


The ‘’Double-S’’ Support System has been created to support your body and strengthen your spinal posture in every possible way. It is an avant-garde feature that combines in one singular system, two different functions: sense and support.

ErgoPosture® System is constructed in an all rounded way in order to have maximum impact at the minimum effort, all you ever need to do is sleep!

ErgoPosture® Countered-Coil Sleep System is exclusively designed for #ErnestHemingwayMalaysia. Visit our authorised dealers in Malaysia Today! Follow the link:


Accompanying you through the Journey to the Restful Sleep, to Live the Legend

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