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Noisy Nights? Learn How To Protect Your Sleep

One of the most anticipated day in the US, the 4th of July is just around the corner.

How's the sound of backyard barbeque, celebration and the grand fireworks?

Must be exciting event for those ready to party, however some may also find the festivity pretty noisy if at night they might want to get some sleep time.

Whether it's the 4th of July, or any celebratory holiday, learn how to protect your sleep from noisy nights according to

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A blaring siren on a typically quiet street, or a loud clap of thunder, these types of sharp, intense, quiet-shattering noises are the kinds that often rouse us from rest. The 4th of July’s burst of late-night fireworks is especially likely to wake you if you’re in the lighter stages of sleep. But we’re vulnerable to waking from loud noise in all of the sleep stages, including both non-REM deep sleep and REM sleep.

Remember how sleep cycles work: we pass through all five stages of sleep—the lighter and deeper stages of non-REM sleep (sleep stages 1-4) and REM sleep, in each full sleep cycle we complete during the night. (A typical 7- to 8-hour night of rest includes 4-5 full sleep cycles.) That means throughout the night you’re moving through lighter sleep stages, when you’re especially vulnerable to the sleep disrupting effects of noise.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: On nights like July 4, and on any nights when you’re apt to be awakened by intrusive noise, introducing sleep-friendly sounds to your bedroom environment can help buffer you from those other, unwelcome sounds.

Whether it’s nature sounds or a form of white noise or pink noise, these intentional sounds create a steady noise environment less likely to be disrupted by abrupt and variable noises coming from elsewhere—but still give you the ability to hear important sounds, like a smoke alarm or a baby crying.

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This sleep-stealing sound doesn’t discriminate between holiday and non-holiday nights. But it is one of the most sleep-interrupting noises in the bedroom. Snoring is a sleep problem that a lot of people try to ignore, or just live with. Snoring is detrimental both to snorers themselves and to bed partners who are often kept awake by the noise. For bed partners of snorers, every night can be a bit like the Fourth of July, with lots of loud booms and pops coming from the other side of the bed.

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Snoring is always a sleep issue that needs attention, including a conversation with your doctor.

Bed partners of snorers face some of the same health risks as snorers themselves, because of their regularly interrupted sleep. They’re at significant risk for daytime fatigue, compromised performance and safety. People who sleep with snorers are also at risk for hearing loss, because of the close and chronic exposure to snoring noise. And there are often relationship problems that transpire between partners as a result of snoring: frustration and fatigue related to snoring often create tension, resentment and emotional distance between partners.

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In an ideal world, none of us would have televisions or any other electronics in our bedrooms. But we live in the real world, where it’s estimated that nearly two-thirds of us all fall asleep regularly to the sights and sounds of television.

When the TV drones on late into the night, after you’ve fallen asleep, that relentless and constantly changing noise will wake you. Even if these awakenings are so brief you don’t remember them, they’re happening. And they’re taking you out of your normal sleep stages, pulling you repeatedly back into lighter sleep.

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  It’s actually pretty simple to manage this issue so you can protect the quality of your sleep without giving up a pre-sleep TV ritual. First: keep the volume down. Most important? Set the timer on your television, so that it automatically shuts off shortly after the time you typically drift off to sleep. And while we’re on the subject of TV, make sure your screen is positioned at a distance, so you’re not getting a face full of screen light while you’re in bed. Take the brightness down, and take advantage of the evening blue-light blocking filters many TVs now have—or invest in a screen-covering filter that blocks blue light for your bedroom television.

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